Night Repair

Is winter sucking the life out of your skin? Dehydrated patchy skin, begging for a tall cool drink? 🍹
Night cream is critical for ensuring protection against moisture loss while you sleep. Especially important in the winter ❄ months when that ever drying heat is on in your home keeping you warm. Lock in and seal and protect your skin. This step is critical if you want to make the best use of your night regime products, like serums.
What’s best? One with an amazing track record for results! Night Haven Age Control

  • 100% noticed smoother softer, more supple skin with improved elasticity in 7 days.
  • 100% noticed even skin tone, improved the skin texture, and clarity in 7 days.
  • 100% noticed nourished, more hydrated, revived and replenished skin in the morning.

It’s Age Contol. To address fine lines, wrinkles and texture. Target elasticity and collagen. Skin tone, dryness and dehydration. For every age.
With REJUVENIQE S™ The famed cornerstone of our skincare (and our haircare). This clinically proven blend with 17 botanicals and extracts, infuses the skin with immediate and long-lasting moisture, hydration, youthful resilience and instant luminosity. Its proprietary and exclusive, so yes only we can offer this.

If your skincare is not performing this winter, consider a switch to one that will!

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