The Good Old Days are Happening Right Now

When you plant a seed you don’t get to eat the fruit that day. So true for so many things.

Have you ever built a business from sweet nothing?

What gets attention is what grows, and becomes something. We have built a couple of flourishing businesses. Easy? No it isn’t. But it is preferable to any other alternative you could possibly give me. I am as passionate about my pro aging business as Greg is about the care of his clients. Both were built from the thin air.

Have you ever built a house from a dream?

We did. Our freedom project started in 2018 when we purchased the land. We didn’t expect the house to fall out of the sky, although…..we didn’t expect it to take this long either. There were a multitude of steps and 3 full years before our house showed up. More obstacles than I can possibly name, some so wild we could never have predicted them.

So this year, some luscious fruit is showing up. Soon this will be the good ol’ days, and ‘remember when’ ❤

I guess I’m saying….Be patient, keep cultivating, give your attention, your energy and your passion. Decide and stick to it. One day your basket will fill to overflowing.

Live your life.

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