Never Say Never

Soon this year long adventure of living in an RV is coming to a close. I’m so excited to greet our new house. But….

The truth is, I’m a little bit sad that this is coming to an end. We have never been uncomfortable, we have never gone without, been too cold or too hot, not once. We literally have everything we needed. In fact, it has been one of the best years of my life. Completely free, and unencumbered every single day. No mortgage, very few expenses, I’m pretty sure we BBQ’d for 360 of 365 days, ate our dinner outside under the Oak tree for months on the beautiful outdoor furniture that Greg built, learned to paddle board, watched the baby fawns grow up, had a bear visit and a multitude of regular hummingbirds, the eagles too, got married on our bridge just down the road, welcomed the year with an outdoor fire and a spectacular fireworks display on the river, made new friends that I am so grateful for, leaned on each other, never fought, never doubted, always grateful. The only stress came from trying to put the house project together, and outside sources, like Greg’s income being removed for months, things we had no say about. Living here, soaking up life, no that part was never stressful.

Things I do look forward to….my new full sized washer and dryer, it’s a beauty! Taking long baths in the big oversized tub that we upgraded in our new house. Being able to actually stand up in my new bedroom will be nice, with the view of the river, although I will kind of miss the ‘slide’ out of bed every morning. I may or may not cook with our new stove, I guess that depends on how long Greg is willing to BBQ! I love the healthy life that we built, 2020 was a rare adventure.

It would be ideal if we all got to check out like this, at least once as grown ups. Wake up every day and do whatever you wanted. It has been an irreplaceable time. We will continue to live every day exactly the same way.

“I could never”….. is just frankly not in my vocabulary. The truth actually…. I am excited and surprised by my ability to be open and flexible and choose this life, and enjoy it so much. Freedom is everything to me. Minimalist? Hardly, I like amenities. I have all my shoes 👠 and we do like to live comfortably. Smaller footprint, less work, less worry, less utilities, less overhead, more living, more swimming, more adventure? Yes!

So on to part 3 of our life love story, the house is here and we have a spectacular outdoor living design in mind. Yes there actually is a house!

Battle scars from 2020? Yes lots, big time. But living here, on a bench next to the river, beside a winery, with this handsome man, is not one of them. Crazy how something that can seem so completely imperfect to others, can be such remarkable living for another. Truly, perspective is everything.

The most interesting words ever uttered are… “I could never”. I am absolutely sure that you could. Live out loud, live big, take chances, be bold, be brave.

Music by @LiQWYD

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