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  • Apple Cider Vinegar – The Magic

    Apple Cider Vinegar – The Magic

    Why add Apple Cider Vinegar to your wellness plan? Is it part of your daily routine? Well….Its been around awhile, maybe you’ve heard the stories. But the taste Can you do it? Is it worth it? I found out quite by accident the power ACV has for gut health. I was sick in early 2020, […]

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  • Simply Skin

    Simply Skin

    Let’s get back to the topic of skincare…. It can be confusing, its vast, it can be VERY VERY expensive. Knowing where to place your trust and your money is the biggest question. And it was for me too. We all want the same thing, (while having vastly different skin and needs) we want results. […]

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  • The Golden Jewel

    The Golden Jewel

     2.3 Rejuveniqe Oils are sold EVERY minute, worldwide. A multi award winner, globally recognized as the go to for Hair and Skin health, shine and longevity.In 2014 the brand was launched around one product, the golden jewel. Rejuveniqe Oil is a blend of natural botanicals that represents exactly the natural oils in your scalp and […]

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  • Keto-Ish


    That’s the term I’ve been using lately. And it describes my eating habits for the last few months. Some really unexpected things happened from this experimental ‘Ketoish’ lifestyle. Not to be taken as any sort of professional opinion about what you should do with your life, but here are the positive things that have developed, […]

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  • Like Fine Wine

    Like Fine Wine

    Interesting thing yesterday. Sitting with a group of women, like I do nearly every Friday, all friends. Some older than me, some younger. One friend who just had her 73rd birthday is obsessed with aging, particularly her face and skin. Understandable, I’m not crazy about aging either. Aging is something I know a little about. […]

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  • Sleep Much?

    Sleep Much?

    No me either Being in a constant state of distress will do that Don’t want to feel drugged Don’t need a new addiction Just need pure sleep Wake up rejuvenated Maybe even hopeful Surprising what some sleep will do Yup, well I’m stubborn. I have Sleep Drops, but I keep thinking I’m fine. Like I’m […]

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