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  • Powerhouse – Vitamin C

    Powerhouse – Vitamin C

    Vitamin C Serum is your biggest skincare ally. But they are not all the same. Here’s what to know so you don’t end up with a dud. One of the best skin care ingredients on the market and key to maintaining a smooth, even, and glowy complexion. Here’s why: 🍊is safe for most skin types🍊provides…

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  • The Great Pyramid Scheme

    The Great Pyramid Scheme

    A post I did in 2022 jumped back out today when someone liked it. I reread it and thought….that’s a great post! It’s not like me to be so ‘forward’. It made me really proud. Maybe I’ve changed, I guess I have. It’s easy to say what’s on my mind, why wasn’t it easy before?…

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  • Gutted – The Way Back

    Gutted – The Way Back

    It’s not about the weight. It never was. It took my whole entire life to find this out. How about you? Concentrating on the ‘diet’ still? Punishing yourself? Denying yourself because that’s what we were told? Frustrated so you try a popular ‘quick fix’? Things I’ve discovered that have really changed my perspective about food…

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  • Is Your Sunscreen Dangerous?

    Is Your Sunscreen Dangerous?

    Its that time of year. Time to take stock of your Sunscreen supply, especially if you haven’t been using it all year. You might be surprised about your options.  😎Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the UV light and causing it to undergo a chemical reaction that prevents it from damaging your skin. Chemical sunscreens can…

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  • Skincare – Getting the Most

    Skincare – Getting the Most

    Your skincare is an amazing investment. After all, we’re talking about your face! No amount of make up, or trips to ‘you know where’, will ever matter over your beautiful healthy skin. Here are a few tips to help you determine if you’re over using, or getting the most you possibly can from every nutrient…

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  • Why You Want to Know about Glycation and Cellular Senescence

    Why You Want to Know about Glycation and Cellular Senescence

    They both lead to extreme premature aging of the skin. They are both avoidable. They are both reversible. Let’s dig in. Glycation Sugar can lead to collagen damage and premature wrinkles. Foods high in added sugars or refined carbs can lead to higher levels of blood sugar, which in turn can accelerate wrinkling and aging…

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