Gutted – The Way Back

It’s not about the weight. It never was.

It took my whole entire life to find this out.

How about you? Concentrating on the ‘diet’ still? Punishing yourself? Denying yourself because that’s what we were told? Frustrated so you try a popular ‘quick fix’?

Things I’ve discovered that have really changed my perspective about food and about my body.  Maybe there is something here that will ring loudly for you. Talking points, points to get us going in a different direction, maybe get uncomfortable and make some changes. Change is good!

-I spent a lifetime of unhealthy eating, trying to stay at the magical weight. After denying myself, eating tiny meals that didn’t satisfy and running to lose weight instead of running for the love of it…. Since 2022, I am a full 10 lbs more than I was every day of my life for 15 unhealthy years. Nearly everything that I wore for those 15 years, still fits me. I have all my favorite jeans and clothes, (except for a couple of super tiny things).  Its not weight that is the premium driver of fitness and comfort in your skin.

-I was skinny in my 20s because I was really really sick. I was skinny in my 30s and 40s because I had an eating disorder and dysmorphia. I’m fit in my 50s because I’m healthy.

-Gut health drives EVERYTHING. It is the center of the universe of the functioning of our bodies. Get gut healthy. Your gut is your 2nd brain.

-Your gut is also the center of your healthy and functioning immune system. Ask someone with an autoimmune disease about their gut health. It will tell you everything.

-70% to 80% of your immune system is in your gut.

-Your body will fight back when you give it things it doesn’t know what to do with. The increase in auto immune is exploding. Do you wonder why?

-Food is the driver of your weight. Eating whole foods is the goal. Whole foods are foods that YOU have to do something to. Like cook it, cut it, peel it, prepare it. Whole foods need your input. Foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Including meat.

-You can’t ‘run’ or ‘exercise’ yourself out of bad food choices. You have to change what you eat.

-Salt is not the enemy, our processing of salt is the problem. Fat is not the problem, unhealthy fat sources are the problem. Eggs are good for you, like really really good for you, (sorry they lied). A high protein diet is the goal. Bacon is your friend. So is a great steak.

-Enjoy cupcakes, wine and the occasional pizza.  Just don’t stay there everyday.

-Food should be enjoyable, not punishment, pleasure not starvation, satisfying not denying. That’s  not living.

-My life is about 80/20 Keto. The 20? It’s real life.

-You can give up sugar and not feel sad. You can give up bread and not feel sad. I no longer enjoy either.

-Lifting weights is for weight loss, running is for cardio (big big realization).

-Seed oils are bad for you. Choose olive oil, avocado oil or butter.

-Gut health will remove inches like you would not believe.

-Fat cells contain storage of toxins that your body is afraid to process. It’s a protection mechanism so that you don’t poison yourself. If you body doesn’t recognize or doesn’t know what you do with it, or doesn’t feel like its safe to process, it gets stored. Examples.…aspartame,  processed foods, toxins in foods, like GMOs.

-When your body feels like its safe, it will release the stored toxins. And you lose weight. It will not let go until then. What makes it safe? Healthy food and lots of water to dilute the toxins.

-The best cleanse ever is the one where you flood your body with healthy food and plenty of water. It is then that your body will feel safe to release all the toxins safely stored in your fat cells. Do you see what can happen? Extraordinary and healthy weight loss.

-Toxins can interfere with your metabolism and fat-burning process.

-That’s why programs like The Burn and can reset your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine, like you were meant to be.

-These program are not a lifestyle, they are to reset and change your metabolism and your eating habits. Starve? Hardly. These programs require flooding your body with healthy food.

-Commitment issues? Do a 3 day program. Its magical. Work up to the 28 day Fast Metabolism Diet.

-Supplements that can change your life:

  • Glycine –makes up about 33% of your collagen. It is the building block for making proteins.
  • Glycine taken with NAC (n-Acetyl Cysteine) is proven to aid longevity.
  • Take Glycine in the evening with Magnesium, it really aids sleep issues!
  • Choose a Magnesium that is ‘Bisglycinate’ – its easy to digest.
  • Artichoke for Digestion issues and liver function support
  • Primal Defense – the probiotic that saved my life in the 80s and 90s (crohns disease/ulcerative colitis). Probiotics can help boost your immune system and protect against infections. Get your friendly gut bacteria in balance. Life changing.

Be patient with yourself. All things that are good for you take time!

And finally, know your body. If something speaks to you from this article, investigate for YOU. I know my body. It took me a long time to become this healthy person. I don’t put anything in my body without thoroughly researching if it’s good for me or not. I know me. No one else does.

To your health!

Do you have questions? Do you want to chat? Message me. I’m always here ❤️

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