Top 5 Skincare Ingredients – You Need! Newsletter Issue 02

2 responses to “Top 5 Skincare Ingredients – You Need! Newsletter Issue 02”

  1. This is another excellent way of sharing your knowledge.
    Are you able to recommend products that contain Saw Palmetto or is it a pill form supplement only?

    • Hi Cathy, Thank you! To answer your question…. My writing is in the context of Saw Palmetto as a skincare ingredient. However, there is every indication that Saw Palmetto is helpful as a supplement, as well as a skincare ingredient. It is highly regarded for prostate issues in men….but is extremely helpful for menopause, and a number of other issues relative to women’s health. As always, check with your health care professional. Also attaching a great link for more information from a women’s perspective as well as a health supplement.

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