Oh! That’s just my fast Metabolism ;-)

Today is day 1 after #28days. As the saying goes, it takes about 21 days to make or break a habit.

Here’s what happened, here’s what has changed. Here’s what I know now.

Although weight loss wasn’t the sole motivation, I did lose 10 lbs in 28 days. And 6” total is gone from my waist, legs and bum. This is a fantastic miracle given that I couldn’t change anything in 4 years of trying!

The motivation was health actually. I want my metabolism to burn fuel the way it was meant to. Toxins, alcohol, preservatives, stress and a hormone meltdown (menopause), really really messes that up.

I feel like my burn has been set back to normal.

What have I learned? These are habits that I will take with me:

-Eating within 30 minutes of waking is crucial.

-Working out on an empty stomach is a complete waste and will destroy and chew at your muscle as your body seeks something to burn.

-Organic (which we have already been doing) is the only way. These asshats can keep their fake meat and sprayed vegetables and stuff it. Autoimmune disease is no accident. Taking in things that your body cannot assess causes a meltdown. We will be developing a green house this year to keep a healthy food source at hand.

-Desserts are essential to living! You just need to make your own. I love baking, so that’s not going to be a problem. Nothing prepackaged.

-Food is no longer my enemy.

-Carbs are my friend.

-I love love spinach and watermelon salad with Sesame dressing

-I can easily drink 3 litres of water a day

-Never go longer than 3 hours without eating

-Diets don’t work.

-Food is medicine, but it has to be the right food.

-I will do one week of the plan at the change of every season for maintenance. (important to note, if you are doing this for the first time, you MUST do 28 days. After that, you can go off, you can extend it, you can do a week or 2 or 4 whenever you want. The more weight you have to lose, the bigger the fire you need, so the portions are larger).

The easiest thing….the food is delicious on the 28 day plan, and there was LOTS of it. It takes a lot of fuel to feed a healthy body. There is no starving allowed.

The hardest thing….a 3 day coffee withdrawal was not amazing. I missed coffee every single day. I will keep drinking coffee, plus I really missed my morning coffee ritual with my husband.

I did a great set of photos and then I realized some might be skeptical about the fact that my pants are not the same in the last photo. So I did another set. And yah, this really happened!

Published by camillemac22

This is me, at this moment. Entrepreneur, writer, Direct Sales Business Owner, Certified Laser Technician, Certified Interior Decorator, Wife, Runner, Paddle boarder, Traveler, Proaging Specialist. And my proudest accomplishment, Mom of 3 spectacular humans. There are probably more things to add! It’s amazing how amazing we are when we stop to think about it for a minute! I am Enough, and so are You. Say it often, repeat it daily. I love to inspire business minded women to take charge of their lives and create the life they envisioned. And why not. It's yours for the taking, anytime you are ready. After more than 10 years and 8 companies, I found my home. Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, whatever you want to call it….has changed enormously in 10 years. I know a few things after this long in business…..Adapt or die. Marketing is my home. Direct Sales is not about sales, its about everything else. The personal growth is extreme and satisfying. And if you’re not experiencing that, then I encourage you to find out why. Women drive the world economy. It is true. Are you taking your slice?

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