Work With Me

Work with me. Open and begin. Supported, with a community of like minded men and women. But still very individual. Your earnings are efficiently and safely placed directly to you. You move them, leave them, save them, take them in whatever manner you choose. It is what supported our family in 2020 and 2021 inContinue reading “Work With Me”

Ice Globes – Must have Skin Care Tools!

What are Ice Globes? The beauty benefits of a deep freeze have been known and widely used for centuries, all the way back to Catherine the Great who iced her face regularly. Max Factor even invented a ‘hang over masque’ in the 50’s (ice cubes strapped to mask). Welcome to your modern day version! IceContinue reading “Ice Globes – Must have Skin Care Tools!”

Toner or Skin Essence? – Newsletter Issue 04

The Fearless Marketer

Remember your first experience with Network Marketing….you kept it a secret, because it was too embarrassing and you didn’t want anyone to know. The business where you only asked your close friends and family because you couldn’t bring yourself to talk to anyone else. When you were considered a complete loser and a chicken ifContinue reading “The Fearless Marketer”

Keep Moving

Omg my heart Looking at memories today of our trip down the 101 in 2018. I will never be satisfied with authority. I will never be able to sit still and bend to things that do not make sense. This is a freedom gig for me, my entire life. Every move I make, every businessContinue reading “Keep Moving”