Like Fine Wine

Interesting thing yesterday. Sitting with a group of women, like I do nearly every Friday, all friends. Some older than me, some younger. One friend who just had her 73rd birthday is obsessed with aging, particularly her face and skin. Understandable, I’m not crazy about aging either. Aging is something I know a little about.Continue reading “Like Fine Wine”

The truth about MLM’s

I need a stay at home job, but no mlm’s I’m desperate, but no direct sales It’s a pyramid They just want your money They use others It’s a scam The truth about mlm’s, direct sales, network marketing, residual income….whatever you want to call it…. My husband is a 20 year, gifted Certified Massage professional.Continue reading “The truth about MLM’s”

Product Packs – A Great way to Start.

What is a product Pack anyway? Choose your bundle based on your requirements and YOUR needs for haircare, skincare and wellness. Product packs are heavily discounted, (43% to 58% off), so you can purchase a product pack only once. Samples and a business kit are also included IN CASE you decide to take the leapContinue reading “Product Packs – A Great way to Start.”

Winter Emergency – Weekly Newsletter Issue 06

Ice Globes – Must have Skin Care Tools!

What are Ice Globes? The beauty benefits of a deep freeze have been known and widely used for centuries, all the way back to Catherine the Great who iced her face regularly. Max Factor even invented a ‘hang over masque’ in the 50’s (ice cubes strapped to mask). Welcome to your modern day version! IceContinue reading “Ice Globes – Must have Skin Care Tools!”

Toner or Skin Essence? – Newsletter Issue 04

A New Revolution in Haircare – Newsletter Issue 03

Who Do You Trust?

You trusted, you wanted to believe. I did too. Hear my story. Maybe it’s much like yours. Maybe I can make a difference for you, like someone did for me.

Wellness 101

Do you have a wellness routine that you do every day? Things you just can’t live without? Me too! I get asked all the time, what are you doing to stay healthy and in shape. My routine has changed a little bit over the last couple of years, and particularly in the last year. ImmuneContinue reading “Wellness 101”

Dreaming about Sleeping? – Insomnia

Wish you could sleep again? Your body regenerates during REM sleep. During sleep your body regenerates and restores organs, bones, and tissues, flushes out waste, and that includes your brain. If you’re not getting there, you don’t get recovery. In 2016, when Menopause hit me super hard, I stopped sleeping. Just like that. I wasContinue reading “Dreaming about Sleeping? – Insomnia”