Sleep Much?

No me either Being in a constant state of distress will do that Don’t want to feel drugged Don’t need a new addiction Just need pure sleep Wake up rejuvenated Maybe even hopeful Surprising what some sleep will do Yup, well I’m stubborn. I have Sleep Drops, but I keep thinking I’m fine. Like I’mContinue reading “Sleep Much?”

The truth about MLM’s

I need a stay at home job, but no mlm’s I’m desperate, but no direct sales It’s a pyramid They just want your money They use others It’s a scam The truth about mlm’s, direct sales, network marketing, residual income….whatever you want to call it…. My husband is a 20 year, gifted Certified Massage professional.Continue reading “The truth about MLM’s”

Ice Globes – Must have Skin Care Tools!

What are Ice Globes? The beauty benefits of a deep freeze have been known and widely used for centuries, all the way back to Catherine the Great who iced her face regularly. Max Factor even invented a ‘hang over masque’ in the 50’s (ice cubes strapped to mask). Welcome to your modern day version! IceContinue reading “Ice Globes – Must have Skin Care Tools!”

Toner or Skin Essence? – Newsletter Issue 04

Run To, Not From

Dreaming about independence and freedom? Feeling like there should be more? More time, more living, more….freedom? More life? Less structure, less governing, more travelling, more family, more adventure? If these are things you’ve been thinking about, let’s talk about your goals and see if having your own business fits your vision for a freedom life.Continue reading “Run To, Not From”

Sunscreens…..The Good, The Bad, and the Really Really Bad

1 in 4 have a severe reaction to sunscreens Chemical Sunscreens work by creating a chemical reaction, changing UV rays into heat, then releasing that heat from the skin. Sounds counter productive, but that’s how it works. Its also made with….chemicals. Chemicals like Benzene, which is also a carcinogen. Sunscreens can cause significant irritation, photosensitiveContinue reading “Sunscreens…..The Good, The Bad, and the Really Really Bad”

Collagen Boosters!

Collagen is the most important protein when it comes to the health of our skin. The dermis is made up of roughly 70% collagen. The slow-down in Collagen production can start in your mid-to-late 20s. The top 2 ways to boost collagen production in your skin….And you can never start too early! #1 Hyaluronic Acid.Continue reading “Collagen Boosters!”

Healthy Choices Includes our Personal Care Products

If I could show you amazing results, fantastic pricing options, give you outstanding customer service, …..would you be open to shopping with me for your hair care, skincare and wellness needs, instead of the Drugstore chain, instead of big box and Amazon? Naturally based ingredients, amazing results, delivered direct to you. Superior care, superior ingredients.Continue reading “Healthy Choices Includes our Personal Care Products”

Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonials are great. I mean, how is this not compelling!?!? Can you imagine the hair health you could experience just changing your shampoo? It’s enormous. It’s so satisfying. Sometimes it makes me emotional. It’s just a shampoo. Said no one ever Healthy care, healthy hair. This photo, this lady, this woman, this is her 7Continue reading “Testimonial Tuesday”