Who Do You Trust?

You trusted, you wanted to believe. I did too. Hear my story. Maybe it’s much like yours. Maybe I can make a difference for you, like someone did for me.

To Oil or not to Oil?

The ability to absorb, to get where it needs to go. That’s the key. Because if it just sits there on top, its smothering, it’s not helping. So how? It has to be able to get where its going, to make the most difference. Coconut Oil is a great example….coconut oil is great for useContinue reading “To Oil or not to Oil?”

Where Do You Want to go Today?

Welcome. Stay a while. Maybe there is something here that will make a difference for you, give you some value. This space is for you, to explore, to linger, to find answers. Where do you want to go today? What do you need? What is most important to you at this stage of your life?Continue reading “Where Do You Want to go Today?”

Hair Care

Hair care. My story. In 2016 everything in my life exploded. Next week I will share more about the explosion and what I did differently that mended my life and put my personal health back together. For now, let’s say part of the events of that Spring resulted in some serious hair loss. Events inContinue reading “Hair Care”