Product Packs – A Great way to Start.

What is a product Pack anyway? Choose your bundle based on your requirements and YOUR needs for haircare, skincare and wellness. Product packs are heavily discounted, (43% to 58% off), so you can purchase a product pack only once. Samples and a business kit are also included IN CASE you decide to take the leapContinue reading “Product Packs – A Great way to Start.”

Toner or Skin Essence? – Newsletter Issue 04

Keep Moving

Omg my heart Looking at memories today of our trip down the 101 in 2018. I will never be satisfied with authority. I will never be able to sit still and bend to things that do not make sense. This is a freedom gig for me, my entire life. Every move I make, every businessContinue reading “Keep Moving”

Queue the List

Pro the Cons of the freedom based business market known as Direct Selling. Have you thought about it? I have a handful of people on the fence. I can help with information, but I can’t help with the decision. I can share my experiences, good and bad, but I can’t put the business package inContinue reading “Queue the List”

The Good Old Days are Happening Right Now

When you plant a seed you don’t get to eat the fruit that day. So true for so many things. Have you ever built a business from sweet nothing? What gets attention is what grows, and becomes something. We have built a couple of flourishing businesses. Easy? No it isn’t. But it is preferable toContinue reading “The Good Old Days are Happening Right Now”

A Business for our Time

If you want something you’ve never had, you will have to do something you’ve never done. Whose ready? To start fresh, to take control. To say never again will someone or something else control my welfare, my security and my ability to earn? The freedom and the right to work and to earn to supportContinue reading “A Business for our Time”