Hair Tales

About our hair. Hundreds of hair photos, maybe thousands, since 2016. It’s a solid documentation about where I’ve been and what has happened. I did it in the beginning just for myself to see, and later on for others. Because the changes were stunning and I wanted to know, and later on, I wanted toContinue reading “Hair Tales”

Wellness 101

Do you have a wellness routine that you do every day? Things you just can’t live without? Me too! I get asked all the time, what are you doing to stay healthy and in shape. My routine has changed a little bit over the last couple of years, and particularly in the last year. ImmuneContinue reading “Wellness 101”

The Other Collagen – Is Vegan for You?

We all know about the importance of collagen. It is responsible for healthy maintenance of our skin, hair, bones, teeth, tissue formation, muscles, cartilage… is vital to our health. It is the most abundant protein in our body. It comprises three quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body. CollagenContinue reading “The Other Collagen – Is Vegan for You?”


So soon you will see a theme here. Our biggest product launches are usually on my Birthday! September 12th 2020, we launch our Wellness products. In Canada we were able to have access to these products during our prelaunch event and we are imminently expecting these to come to Market. In the USA, they areContinue reading “Wellness”