The Other Collagen – Is Vegan for You?

We all know about the importance of collagen. It is responsible for healthy maintenance of our skin, hair, bones, teeth, tissue formation, muscles, cartilage… is vital to our health. It is the most abundant protein in our body. It comprises three quarters of your skin and a third of the protein in your body. CollagenContinue reading “The Other Collagen – Is Vegan for You?”

Sunscreens…..The Good, The Bad, and the Really Really Bad

1 in 4 have a severe reaction to sunscreens Chemical Sunscreens work by creating a chemical reaction, changing UV rays into heat, then releasing that heat from the skin. Sounds counter productive, but that’s how it works. Its also made with….chemicals. Chemicals like Benzene, which is also a carcinogen. Sunscreens can cause significant irritation, photosensitiveContinue reading “Sunscreens…..The Good, The Bad, and the Really Really Bad”

Collagen Boosters!

Collagen is the most important protein when it comes to the health of our skin. The dermis is made up of roughly 70% collagen. The slow-down in Collagen production can start in your mid-to-late 20s. The top 2 ways to boost collagen production in your skin….And you can never start too early! #1 Hyaluronic Acid.Continue reading “Collagen Boosters!”

Could It Be?

Oily hair?Lacklustre?Scalp Issues?Pollution a problem?Want that shine back? Could It Just Be Your Haircare? The new purifying products have arrived, and they are divine! The smell is soooo amazing! Apple 🍎 cider never looked so good! Unpacking new products is an occasion for me. And these are keepers, including the baby sized Rejuveniqe ❤ Shiny,Continue reading “Could It Be?”

Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonials are great. I mean, how is this not compelling!?!? Can you imagine the hair health you could experience just changing your shampoo? It’s enormous. It’s so satisfying. Sometimes it makes me emotional. It’s just a shampoo. Said no one ever Healthy care, healthy hair. This photo, this lady, this woman, this is her 7Continue reading “Testimonial Tuesday”

The Essence Secret

We were chatting last evening. I was facilitating skin care training. It’s so personal, choosing a skin care! Anyways, the question was asked….”What is your favorite product, what can you NOT live without?” There was no hesitation. As a Certified Laser Technician, the single most asked question, the single most important skincare quest….is Absorption. IfContinue reading “The Essence Secret”

The Great Shampoo Debate

Your shampoo. What makes it different? Is yours a standout? Is ours a standout? We think so! Ingredients for… Growth, repair, shine, support, strength….It’s in there. Here are four of the top reasons why 👇 🌱 Rejuveniqe Oil – A blend of more than 13 Natural Plant and Essential Oils, rich in omega fatty acids,Continue reading “The Great Shampoo Debate”

Before & Afters – Hair Care

You get to be the Number one choice in hair care in North America, only one way. Results. Naturally based, Leaping Bunny approved and 100% guaranteed. With a return rate of less than 1%, we are sure you will be happy with the results! Ready to take the leap and experience the best hair ofContinue reading “Before & Afters – Hair Care”

Before & Afters – Skincare

The right system according to your skin type, and that’s all you need. Yes, amazing things can happen when you have amazing ingredients! Uncomplicated skin care with results that speak volumes.