That’s the term I’ve been using lately. And it describes my eating habits for the last few months. Some really unexpected things happened from this experimental ‘Ketoish’ lifestyle. Not to be taken as any sort of professional opinion about what you should do with your life, but here are the positive things that have developed, (some quite surprising), for me.

First off, I’m very sure I’m not following the rules for Keto exactly. I think doing this to an expert degree likely comes with experience and time. I listen to advice from others, I gather tons of fabulous recipes on Instagram. I follow and listen to people who appear to know what they are doing. I don’t know that you need to run out and buy a whole bunch of books or spend money on plans or personal coaching. Maybe consider being a dabbler.

I do think trying it out, feeling it out makes sense. And that’s kind of what I did. I dabbled. Things starting happening, and I dabbled a little deeper. It’s not a big mysterious thing like I thought is was, the mystical magical place of “Ketosis”, which is the ultimate goal. Making just a few changes in your eating habits might change something remarkable for you.

First off, so you know where I’m coming from and my motivation….I initially started dabbling to lose weight. Not for my overall health, nope. My weight. Once I began to love myself again, the motivation turned to health, which feels soooo much better.

The nirvana of the Keto diet is reaching Ketosis, which is where your body reaches the mystical realm of burning fat (instead of carbs), as your main source of fuel. Sounds pretty easy, there’s more to it of course, you can research all that. However, I wanted to feel good and enjoy my life and eating good food that I like. Without feeling like I’m giving up something, or on an eternal diet. I guess that’s where the dabbling comes in. I found that it really wasn’t that hard to eat this way, with a few adjustments. And…I was starting to feel really really good.

It’s a been a few months and these are my positive changes.

-My gut health has changed enormously. Its no accident. Foods that are inflammatory are not present in a Keto diet. People with Crohns or Colitis seem to really benefit from eating this way.

-Bloating, fullness after eating, gone.

-The magical return of a flat stomach.

-Sleeping soooo much better.

-I’ve lost 3 inches and a couple pounds. Although honestly, this is just a side effect. But a nice one.

-I started reading labels and paying attention to what I was eating. Does anyone really know what they are eating anymore!!!

-Autoimmune disease is no accident . Shoveling ingredients and food that your body does not recognize, and does not know what to do with, is dangerous.

-We eat a delicious dessert nearly EVERY single guilt free day. Because once you know how to cook, it all makes sense. And yes it is super satisfying.

-Not that its super important to everyone, but I do still enjoy a glass of wine, cuz wine is apparently a Ketoish thing. Who knew.  Keto wines include red wines, such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and dry white wines like Brut Champagne and Sauvignon Blanc.

Here is the super abbreviated version, what to eat and what to stay away from. Again, its not a complete list, but it will give you a place to start if you’re interested. The traditional Keot diet recommends: 70% of calories from (healthy) fats, 25% of calories from protein, and 5% of calories from carbs.

Say yes to:

Dairy, eggs, cheese

Meat – Carnivore would perfectly describe me. Sorry manufactured fake meat fad, made up from god knows what, not happening.  (I will never eat the ‘near meat’ chemical soup)

High Healthy Fats – not all fats are healthy

Above ground Vegetables – Most below ground vegetables are not part of the Keto plan. These are also the ones highest in starch (carbs).

Fruits  – the fruits is a short list, not everything goes. There’s lots of sugar here obviously.

Low Carbs – keep it low

The simplest food list I could find – Printable Food List –

Say No To

Bread, flour, rice, pasta


Refined foods

Processed foods

What surprised me the most

-the power sugar had over my life.

-if I have a high carb day, or I dabble in sugars or have bread, I pay. My body does NOT like these foods.

-how easy I adapted to baking.

-how many and varied the solutions were for breads, pasta and rice that I thought I would miss. I don’t miss bread.

-how much I can eat and still lose weight.

-how much my body has changed, health wise, in such a short period of time.

-I miss nothing from my former ‘regular’ eating habits.

-how much I love breakfast.

-how much I thought I would miss carbs, but don’t.

How is my husband doing? He suffered severe sugar withdrawal in the beginning (he was sneaking fruit flavored tums to get a ‘hit’). So I started looking for really creative and healthy ways to make dessert so he could survive! I don’t even know if we have a processed or prepackaged anything in the house anymore. It was a very easy and natural progression. It’s become a lifestyle, and not a sacrifice.

Two cook books that I did eventually buy that I do really like…..

Simply Keto

Beyond Simply Keto

But honestly, you can search any recipe you want and find a Keto adaptation. Yes, even chocolate cupcakes.

So, I think we’ll stay this way for awhile. Whole foods is where its at, its easy if you keep it simple. Love your body, and it will love you back.

Questions, comments? Or just let me know how you’re doing!

Like Fine Wine

Interesting thing yesterday. Sitting with a group of women, like I do nearly every Friday, all friends. Some older than me, some younger.

One friend who just had her 73rd birthday is obsessed with aging, particularly her face and skin. Understandable, I’m not crazy about aging either.

Aging is something I know a little about. The aging process does not stop. That’s an obvious statement, but think about it for a minute.

We live in the age of immediacy. Immediate answers, immediate changes. Doing ‘long haul’ type things for ourselves isn’t always the most popular choice. My friend specifically mentioned this, she wanted a difference NOW.

It takes time and a commitment to show up every day for yourself. That’s probably why we forget to drink enough water, don’t feel like washing our face at night because we’re too tired, don’t always eat well or choose good products, don’t always get exercise…..among many others. These challenges are for ALL age groups. The encouraging thing, its never too early to have good habits, and its never too late to start.

While we sat together my friend was very open about a recent procedure she had. Expensive, painful and she didn’t feel like the results were substantial enough for the cost.

In a gentle way, I encouraged her to consider the way we age, it doesn’t stop. In order to effect change, and see results….. Consider a consistent approach to change little things. Things she could do for herself that would give her what she was looking for (and possibly extend her investment). The unpopular thing about this is… takes time. Changes are smaller, until one day you ‘magically’ notice healthier skin, smoothing of fine lines, dryness is replaced with dewy skin. Shiny healthy hair reappears. Growth begins again, changes happen.

It is a truth that is sometimes hard to hear. If aging does not stop, and it does not (that’s a good thing, it means you are alive!)….. then it makes sense to do specific things regularly, consistency is so important. What specific things? Drink water. Exercise. Choose products with healthy ingredients, and use them consistently. Have regular facials. Use a Gua Sha stone, or invest in maintenance appointments that DO something, like skin tightening or Photofacials. Using a home Dermaroller regularly with a good quality Hyaluronic Acid. All great choices.

For women going for procedures, absolutely nothing wrong with that! But think about what you will get out of your investment if you have good habits in between your appointments!

Looking and feeling amazing isn’t necessarily expensive. The consistency element is always the wild card. We start, we stop. We get mad, we start again. If you love what you are doing, if you are seeing results, you will keep going. At least that’s what happened for me.

Liking what you see in the mirror comes from the inside, it also comes from investing time in yourself. Immediacy is over rated, in my opinion. The greatest effect and self love, comes from loving yourself. You will know it when you show up for yourself every day.

If you don’t know where to start, just ask. Always here, always ready to listen.

Sleep Much?

No me either

Being in a constant state of distress will do that

Don’t want to feel drugged

Don’t need a new addiction

Just need pure sleep

Wake up rejuvenated

Maybe even hopeful

Surprising what some sleep will do

Yup, well I’m stubborn. I have Sleep Drops, but I keep thinking I’m fine. Like I’m saving them for a special occasion or something. I’m not fine. I’m not sleeping. Back to Sleep Drops, and well….I’m sleeping again.

Any time you need it, it works, every time. No matter how long since the last time, you will sleep. I love that.

Non habit forming

Non drowsy

No sugar

No artificial flavors, colours or sweeteners

No pills to swallow

Easy to use liquid Tincture

Reset you sleep cycle

Recommended and approved for Jet Lag

One of the most compelling and important products to come to market. To do only one thing. To sleep again.

Being sleepless is so debilitating.  Your body NEEDS long periods of sleep to rejuvenate, rebuild and restore. Sleep well friends ❤

Hair Tales

About our hair.

Hundreds of hair photos, maybe thousands, since 2016. It’s a solid documentation about where I’ve been and what has happened.

I did it in the beginning just for myself to see, and later on for others. Because the changes were stunning and I wanted to know, and later on, I wanted to share.

I am shocked that I get to have this much health at 58. That instead of going backwards, it’s the best its ever been, with every year.

The Damage Repair line has changed something remarkable forever in haircare. It has changed the very fibre and strength of hair. So much so, that I could go back to blonde (after I said NEVER EVER AGAIN), without a single damaged hair. Its thriving and growing in amazing shining ways.

If I can help you see the other side, I’m always here to talk. I am the girl who once spent hundreds in salon products regularly, searching for something that worked. I never did find it there. I understand, I have been there. Here’s to  the best hair of your life, every day.

This is 58. And it is spectacular!

Work With Me

Work with me. Open and begin. Supported, with a community of like minded men and women. But still very individual.

Your earnings are efficiently and safely placed directly to you. You move them, leave them, save them, take them in whatever manner you choose.

It is what supported our family in 2020 and 2021 in amazing and unexpected ways. I had no idea when I opened my business in 2016 how important this would become.

You can connect your growing empire from home while working in 8 different countries at once. No inventory, no minimums, no shipping, every business privately and independently owned.

🇱🇹 Darbas su manimi Lietuva

🇪🇸 Trabaja conmigo España

🇵🇱 Pracuj ze mną Polska

🇮🇪 Bí ag obair liom Éire

Work with me Australia 🇦🇺 UK 🇬🇧 Canada 🇨🇦 and USA 🇺🇸

Multiple streams of income have always made sense. Now even more. Get started, even a simmering business is better than standing still.

Grow it, love it, build it. Live it.

Social Dinosaurs

Reporters, communicators, educators, friends, counselors, business owners. Real people. Vanished. I’m missing quite a few important people in my life this week.

The social media outlets that once gave us incredible freedom of self-expression, have become the anti-thesis of everything they once envisioned, the free and unlimited exchange of immediate information. It sure sounded great at the time. Everything they were once so very proud of, as they tried to encourage us to share our lives publicly. And so we did, eventually. I’m watching people I admire for their strength, courage, wisdom, intelligence and honesty be completely wiped out in an instant. By something I no longer support or understand.

Its interesting to watch these platforms become the dinosaurs of our modern age as they push down the ability to speak freely, honestly and without prejudice. I’m preparing for their departure. No one can last, not even these powerful giants under such intrusive and nonsensical censorship, newly termed ‘fact checking’. Actually, recently they don’t call it anything. They just make people disappear. That’s a lot of power.

At a time when we have every convenience ever known to man, in all of universe, at one time, instant access included….we have become terribly inept, ineffective, and more inhumane than ever. How is that possible? With all my heart, I miss the 90s. I would go back in a second.

Self-preservation tells me to prepare for something better. Which I have started to do. I look forward to new ways of sharing information where I am again in control of what I would want to see, hear, read and examine for myself.

They seem to have forgotten the number one rule of social media success. You only have power if someone is listening.

There are other amazing ways of communicating in effective ways. Mail handling programs like Mailchimp. Creating your own website with Wix or WordPress is a great place to start.

Writing has always been a passion. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my heart, travelling, running, paddling boarding, my business, my successes and failures, my sugar free recipes…and my powerful trifecta…..How to have the best ever skincare, haircare and wellness of your life. And every tip known to man to help you get there.  

The only thing I really need now is my Blackberry or my Chocolate slide back that I MISS so much!!! Hello flip phone. I’m not buying what they’re selling anymore.

Delete you apps, move in closer to your loved ones. Close your eyes and imagine yourself back in the 90s. That 20 foot coiled up phone cord doesn’t look so confining now.

Value over Fear

My biggest demon…..several times in my life I have chosen security over freedom. Because I was afraid. It has been a valuable lesson, with a steep learning curve. Knowing who you are, will help you make decisions based on value instead of fear.

At 16 I joined the work force. I moved up, got a couple promotions. I worked there nearly 10 years. My children and my freedom to be with them became more important than anything else. As we grew up together (because we did), I valued my time even more. We had the BEST vacations together!!

These past 2 years have been exceptional. These are the years where I learned exceptional things about myself. I will not be governed into poverty. Being independent has never been more critical.  

Working for yourself does have challenges. But it has proven to be more important than ever. For freedom AND security, as it turns out. Who knew.

Swing open the doors to your new business, and start building. Contact me to find out more. Freedom awaits.

Community. Support. Freedom.  Value over Fear.

The truth about MLM’s

I need a stay at home job, but no mlm’s

I’m desperate, but no direct sales

It’s a pyramid

They just want your money

They use others

It’s a scam

The truth about mlm’s, direct sales, network marketing, residual income….whatever you want to call it….

My husband is a 20 year, gifted Certified Massage professional. I am a Certified Laser Technician. We are professional people with integrity. Our clients are important people. We value them and endeavor to go above expectations with every interaction.

When our brick and mortar businesses, which we OWNED were pulled out from under us…. our Direct Sales/Online business filled in for us. Immediately and seamlessly.

We registered our online business, and we operate independently, it is ours. Yes, it’s a real actual business that we own together. Our customers rely on us. We are proud to deliver the best to them, in office or virtually. I personally run our online business, while Greg continues to rebuild his Massage practice.  

Typically I spend just as much or more time with my online clients as I did with my in person ones. What do you need, and how do we get you there? That’s my mantra. As if you were sitting in my office.

How would I describe this business model? It’s a 100% supported, business in a box, with a really really small start up cost, and no overhead. I own it, I run it. It dies or thrives based on my reputation to provide exceptional service to my clients. I don’t build on others, I don’t rely on others for my success, I don’t sell you what you don’t need. I help others do what I do, to change their financial situation and live in freedom, if that’s where they want to go. Period.

I don’t mail product, I don’t keep an inventory. There are no minimums or autoships. I don’t answer to anyone but me. I get paid 5x a month, and it shows up dropped onto my personal company Visa card. I either leave it to grow or move it to my personal bank account. Its pretty simple.

Sound like you? Well, I plan on spending another spectacular summer poolside, working and taking care of business. If you would like to work with me, let me know. There is more to life than working to keep the lights on. I sure won’t do it.

I missed 2 trips that I earned in 2020 and 2021. (And no, I did not ‘stand’ on top of someone else to do that. It was all earned by me). These trips are super important to me. Completely paid for, door to door. Flight from my nearest airport, private room, extra cash, all of it…cancelled.

While others in the industry lost their trips as all travel was cancelled, and were left empty handed, all ours were fully compensated, and paid out in cash. Our company was not obligated to do this, there was never a promise of this. They flexed with the necessity and paid us out. The integrity, the compassion, the community, its rare.

All Network Marketing companies are not the same, just as all business owners are not the same. Maybe its time to have another look. And if this business model is not for you, consider supporting a small business instead.

 We are small business owners. We are legitimate. We are important. We support our families providing our customers with the best in the industry, and many times unique to the industry. We provide people with an opportunity to work from home and own their own business, even in the most impossible of situations.

LiveFree friends.

Blueberries for Christmas!


Lakanto Monk Fruit Sugar

Lakanto Powdered Sugar – (aka icing sugar, confectioner’s sugar)

Beyond Simply Keto – Suzanne Ryan

Product Packs – A Great way to Start.

What is a product Pack anyway?

Choose your bundle based on your requirements and YOUR needs for haircare, skincare and wellness. Product packs are heavily discounted, (43% to 58% off), so you can purchase a product pack only once. Samples and a business kit are also included IN CASE you decide to take the leap and have your very own turnkey business. However, it is NOT a requirement. There are no targets, or minimums to maintain.

You continue to manage your personal account or turn it into a business, at your total discretion. Mentoring, direction and business assistance by my team is available should you decide on starting your own online business.

*No Inventory

*Delivered fresh from Manufacturing. No 3rd party storage or warehousing of aging products.

*No Parties

*No Autoships

*No minimums

*Access to all Flash Sales

*Free Shipping

*Automatic Discounts of 30% to 55%, and up to 85% off on flash sales. Like the one that ends today!

*Total flexibility as a business or a personal account. You decide.

*What you want. When you want. How you want.

*30 day money back guarantee, including buyer’s remorse in case you change your mind. We won’t try to keep you if you don’t want to stay, but we will miss you!!

*Your Journey starts Here.

Now in 8 countries, and still growing. Welcome to the fastest growing premium haircare brand in the world! We are continually expanding our product lines and now offer premium quality and Award Winning, Skincare and Wellness products in addition to our Haircare, where it all started ❤