Navigating Skincare

The options are enormous, the players are plentiful. The skincare industry was worth $130 billion in 2021 and is projected to be worth $196 billion by 2030. There are a LOT of choices out there. Everyone is pulling at you, with HUGE promises. So how do you choose? What do you really need? Where do your start? Here’s some help.

Just the Basics – Top 3

If budget is a concern, and/or if time is a concern. Or, you mean well, but have long term commitment issues….(example, you currently have a drawer full of unused skincare products that dont do it for you but cannot bear to part with. Its okay, we’ve all been there)….then the basic 3 is a good place to start.

No matter your budget, or your time constraints, there are 3 must have/do minimum Skincare essentials. We get tired, we get busy. I know sometimes you go to bed with your make up on. No judgement! But even a bare minimum 3 skincare steps can really benefit you in amazing ways.

1. Cleanser – dirt, oil, and the environment must come off! Every day! Preferably 2x a day. But at the very least, cleanse at night!

Options for those who are super busy, or too tired. You can still cleanse! Choose a safe Micellar water and keep a package of cotton pads on hand. Also super great for travelling and on the go. The micelles attract dirt, oil and debris to the cotton pad and off your skin. Super effective if you are not going to wash your face, and it takes literally seconds!

Favorite cleanser: The BEST most loved cleanser I have ever used – Be Purified by Monat.

Favorite Micellar Water: Ok this is heart breaking. I had a great product that I loved….its French, like from France, and expensive. Once I started checking all my products for healthy ingredients…it didn’t cut it! It was shocking actually. Turns out Garnier (the pink bottle) and BioDerma, (yes drug store brands), have the best ingredients.

2.Moisturizer – Even if your skin is oily, you NEED a moisturizer. All skin needs a moisturizer, even oily skin. Using a moisturizer can actually aid to lessen the skin’s natural oil production. You are assisting and preserving your skin’s natural waterproof coating when you moisturize.

Moisturizers protect and seal hydration in to the skin. Locking in moisture and nutrients is its main job.

Favorites: Monat’s Be Purified Moisturizer, oil free, light, gorgeous feeling, never drying.

Noon’s In Depth Filler Cream Moisturizer. (Yes, its actually a wrinkle filler).

3.Sunscreen – The number one cause of premature skin aging and wrinkles is – Sun Damage. Yes, men too. Wear a mineral or physical sunscreen that actually blocks damaging UV rays. Like Zinc.

Favorites: Especially for blending and not leaving a white haze….Monat’s SunVeil. Also consider Monat’s new BB Creams in 9 shades, with an SPF 40. Super blendable, light coverage, a pleasure to use.

Ready to take it a little farther? Once you start a good skincare regime and start to see some changes, your skin’s texture and glow begins to change, you might want to go a step farther. Again, keeping it simple.

The 3 must have pieces to add to your skincare:

1.Retinol –Is an anti aging wizard. (Adding Hyaluronic Acid – the skin plumper – directly after your Retinol will soothe and hydrate skin). Retinol affects cellular turnover. Cellular turnover is accelerated, refines and smooths skin, stimulates collagen production. Brightens the appearance of dark spots. Retinol can cause mild reactions to some, and in some cases clients may need to proceed slowly until their skin becomes used to the increased activity from the retinol. If you are sensitive, consider a milder form of retinol, the vegan version Bakuchiol. If you do have a reaction to retinol, redness/inflammation….apply Hyaluronic Acid which will have a calming effect and lessen the reaction time. Retinol is always a nighttime treatment because it is photosensitive.

Retinol can cause side effects in some. The cellular turnover can be too quick, causing, erythema, swelling, hives and welts. The antidote for this is always Hyaluronic Acid. (Except if you use Noon’s Retinol with DermShield™, see below).

If you have not had retinol exposure it is best to start slow. 4 stages of Retinol are:

  1. Bakuchiol – the vegan form of retinol is the mildest. By Monat
  2. Rewind – A blend with Hyaluronic acid. Do every 2nd day to start. Then move to everyday. Following with Hyaluronic Acid will help to mitigate any mild reaction you might have. By Monat.
  3. Retinol Charisma – .3% with Dermshield. By Noon.
  4. Retinol Charisma – 1%, also with Dermshield, is the highest concentration you can purchase in Canada without a prescription. In the US the highest concentration is 1.6%. By Noon.

About DermShield™ –  When you use AHAs and Retinols, your skin responds to changes in your skin’s pH level when these types of topicals are applied. Within your skin besides blood vessels and nerves, are mast cells. Mast cells release histamine when something’s not right. It’s a protection mechanism. The blood vessels expand, and this expansion produces redness and erythema. The more sensitive your skin, the more the blood vessels will expand, the more redness you will experience.

Noon developed a way to numb these signals, these C Nociceptors with its patented Dermshield. The result, Noon’s is the only cosmetic line with high concentrations that can be used daily without the threat of side effects. This includes their Retinols.

2.Vitamin C Serum – offers protection from free radicals. Promotes collagen productions. Reduces pigmentation. It is an antioxidant that manages inflammation. Reduces damage caused by sun exposure and can actually undo sun damage. Manages those pesky free radicals. Vitamin C should ALWAYS be in a sealed pump bottle, and a dark container. Vitamin C becomes unstable when it comes in contact with the air and sunlight and loses its effectiveness very quickly. If its in a jar where you are constantly removing the lid, it is useless. Vitamin C is a morning serum because it will protect your skin throughout the day.

Favorites: C. Radiance by Monat… with Kakadu Plum, which has 100x the Vitamin C of an orange. Or….

Restart, by Noon (Medical Grade), a very powerful antioxidant with Nobel Prize winning ingredient Fullerene, (250x more effective than Vitamin C).

👉 About Fullerene

3.Hyaluronic Acid – It’s a plumper. It attracts a 1000x its weight in water. As we age we begin to lose volume, and it is because hyaluronic acid productions has begun to subside. At age 40, we have about 50% less hyaluronic acid than we had at age 25.

Plumping, Hydrating. Calming.  Soothing. It is naturally in your body, mostly in your skin and joints and it depletes with age. Use Hyal 2x day, morning and night, after your serums. Using Hyal after your evening retinol will help minimize any potential irritation from the retinol.

It has a large molecular structure which makes is difficult to absorb, unless sodium hyaluronate is included. 

Favorites: Halo-Ronic by Noon contains 2 types of hyaluronic acid, one for surface hydration and one for cellular hydration. Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid has larger molecules and works on the surface, and Sodium Hyaluronate, which can penetrate deeper into the skin, providing deep skin hydration.

Monat’s Hyaluronic Acid, Hydration Booster, contains Sodium Hyaluronate (the smaller molecule) with exceptional hydrating properties and blended with watermelon, coconut water, B5 and marine algae to protect against pollution.

To finish, one product that gets special mention all by itself.

Revitalizing Essence by Monat – The single most important piece in your skincare arsenal. The must have. After everything I have seen used and experienced.

It sounds simple enough. Its “just a water”.

A nurturing water that quickly hydrates and prepares the skin to receive.

Skin looks brighter. Pores are more refined. Skin becomes hydrated. Helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will immediately feel soft and smooth.

It should be the beginning to every single day, and the end to every single night. Pat onto skin after cleansing. It is truly magical.

Here’s one thing I have noticed about myself and my skincare habits, maybe you have too. If it is something I love, if I see a difference, if the results meet my expectations, I will sleep walk to the bathroom if have to to do my regime. It’s probably a pretty good gauge that you are the right place with the right products. If you love it, you’ll use it!

Need help or advice? Be happy to, messaging is right here on my blog.

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