Hidden Gems

Known worldwide for our haircare….but now sooooo much more. Here’s a couple of things you might have missed.

Essential Shaving Cream

Winter is the worst time for ingrown hairs. Why? This is because our skin is dryer in the winter. Dry skin can force hairs off course and cause them to grow in the wrong direction. Dry weather can cause your skin and hair to dry out, making them more prone to breakage before they make it to the surface of skin.

Essential Shaving Cream nourishes and hydrates and it will be the end of ingrown hairs, and dry bumpy skin. My clients 100% claim (and me too!) this has been the end of ingrown hairs for them. For men and women. Legs, underarms, and yes for faces too!

Lash & Brown Serum

Probably one of our most powerful, (and least remembered!) little secrets! Lash & brow to rejuvenate, nourish and encourage the growth of healthy lashes and brows.

Chemical free, and no irritants! This is definitely a must have.

Vegan formula, with plant based Keratin and Capixyl.

Simple to use….twice a day whisk through brows and along lash line. Competitive pricing too!

In-Shower Hydrating Masque

Don’t have much time? Fast acting, light weight but packing some serious hydration.

The perfect hydration and moisture boost, especially for those with fine hair.

Transform brittle hair into shiny strands. Prevents breakage and fights dryness and frizz with antioxidants while providing a fast-acting deep conditioning treatment

Nourish while you shower, rinse and go!

For the next 48 hours, all skincare is 30% off when you shop and have at least $110 in your cart. Save even more with purchase plus.

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