DermShield™ What, Why, How?

Sometimes anti aging treatments and getting those optimal results comes with a price. What if you could amp it up, but not suffer?

When you use AHAs and acids, your skin responds to changes in your skin’s pH level when these types of topicals are applied. Within your skin besides blood vessels and nerves, are mast cells. Mast cells release histamine when something’s not right. It’s a protection mechanism.

When your skin perceives an irritant, a signal is sent through your type C nociceptor, it moves through to your mast cells and then to the spine and brain.

The blood vessels expand, and this expansion produces redness and erythema.

The more sensitive your skin, the more the blood vessels will expand, the more redness you will experience.

This expansion causes edema and swelling.

The edema tells the mast cells, the mast cells release histamine. This release can cause hives, itchy skin, rash, redness and swelling.

This string of events is called ‘neurogenic inflammation’.

Have you ever had a reaction to Retinol? A chemical peel? An aggressive AHA?

Now imagine experiencing a medical grade skin treatment without those reactions or downtime.

That’s the DermShield™ difference.

DermShield™ numbs the receptors, (type C nociceptor) that signal the histamine that causes the release, that prevents any ensuing irritation, reaction, rash or redness.

Noon’s DermShield™ is the only cosmetic line with high concentrations that can be used daily without the threat of side effects.

Meaning, you can apply cosmetics with high concentrations, without the usual unwanted side effects. Leaving you with stunning results, and no downtime.

Simple really. You’ve never seen anything like this.

Please message me for more information and for pricing. Noon is not available online.

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