The Golden Jewel

 2.3 Rejuveniqe Oils are sold EVERY minute, worldwide. A multi award winner, globally recognized as the go to for Hair and Skin health, shine and longevity.
In 2014 the brand was launched around one product, the golden jewel. Rejuveniqe Oil is a blend of natural botanicals that represents exactly the natural oils in your scalp and skin.
Think of it as fertilizer for life long health, shine and valuable nutrients that your hair, skin and scalp need to flourish. When you have a healthy foundation, you will have healthy hair and healthy skin.

Is not a popularity contest, but:
Monat is the fastest growing luxury hair care line in the world, and now offers you something truly unique in direct to you shopping. NO future purchasing commitments.
New VIPs have ZERO future commitments. Why?
We are confident in our product performance and customer satisfaction. With a return rate of less than 1%, we know that we can provide what you need, we know you will come back on your own to replenish and to shop with us.
Direct to you, also means, fresh to you. No middle man, direct from the factory to you. This is another great reason to shop direct sales. Personal service, and fresh product, always guaranteed.

Banned toxic ingredients in personal care products:
In the US that number is 8, in Canada, around 500. In Europe and the UK that number exceeds 1300. These banned ingredients are known to represent potential harm and adverse events because of the their toxicity. The most remarkable thing about entering the European market with our brand, with hundreds of products….not one product required a change, a question or removal. Every single product met the criteria for ingredient safety. We continue to expand Globally, opening 3 new markets in 2021, Australia, Spain and Lithuania. More to come!

The best hair of your life, everyday… here. Message me for a consult or for more information.

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