That’s the term I’ve been using lately. And it describes my eating habits for the last few months. Some really unexpected things happened from this experimental ‘Ketoish’ lifestyle. Not to be taken as any sort of professional opinion about what you should do with your life, but here are the positive things that have developed, (some quite surprising), for me.

First off, I’m very sure I’m not following the rules for Keto exactly. I think doing this to an expert degree likely comes with experience and time. I listen to advice from others, I gather tons of fabulous recipes on Instagram. I follow and listen to people who appear to know what they are doing. I don’t know that you need to run out and buy a whole bunch of books or spend money on plans or personal coaching. Maybe consider being a dabbler.

I do think trying it out, feeling it out makes sense. And that’s kind of what I did. I dabbled. Things starting happening, and I dabbled a little deeper. It’s not a big mysterious thing like I thought is was, the mystical magical place of “Ketosis”, which is the ultimate goal. Making just a few changes in your eating habits might change something remarkable for you.

First off, so you know where I’m coming from and my motivation….I initially started dabbling to lose weight. Not for my overall health, nope. My weight. Once I began to love myself again, the motivation turned to health, which feels soooo much better.

The nirvana of the Keto diet is reaching Ketosis, which is where your body reaches the mystical realm of burning fat (instead of carbs), as your main source of fuel. Sounds pretty easy, there’s more to it of course, you can research all that. However, I wanted to feel good and enjoy my life and eating good food that I like. Without feeling like I’m giving up something, or on an eternal diet. I guess that’s where the dabbling comes in. I found that it really wasn’t that hard to eat this way, with a few adjustments. And…I was starting to feel really really good.

It’s a been a few months and these are my positive changes.

-My gut health has changed enormously. Its no accident. Foods that are inflammatory are not present in a Keto diet. People with Crohns or Colitis seem to really benefit from eating this way.

-Bloating, fullness after eating, gone.

-The magical return of a flat stomach.

-Sleeping soooo much better.

-I’ve lost 3 inches and a couple pounds. Although honestly, this is just a side effect. But a nice one.

-I started reading labels and paying attention to what I was eating. Does anyone really know what they are eating anymore!!!

-Autoimmune disease is no accident . Shoveling ingredients and food that your body does not recognize, and does not know what to do with, is dangerous.

-We eat a delicious dessert nearly EVERY single guilt free day. Because once you know how to cook, it all makes sense. And yes it is super satisfying.

-Not that its super important to everyone, but I do still enjoy a glass of wine, cuz wine is apparently a Ketoish thing. Who knew.  Keto wines include red wines, such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and dry white wines like Brut Champagne and Sauvignon Blanc.

Here is the super abbreviated version, what to eat and what to stay away from. Again, its not a complete list, but it will give you a place to start if you’re interested. The traditional Keot diet recommends: 70% of calories from (healthy) fats, 25% of calories from protein, and 5% of calories from carbs.

Say yes to:

Dairy, eggs, cheese

Meat – Carnivore would perfectly describe me. Sorry manufactured fake meat fad, made up from god knows what, not happening.  (I will never eat the ‘near meat’ chemical soup)

High Healthy Fats – not all fats are healthy

Above ground Vegetables – Most below ground vegetables are not part of the Keto plan. These are also the ones highest in starch (carbs).

Fruits  – the fruits is a short list, not everything goes. There’s lots of sugar here obviously.

Low Carbs – keep it low

The simplest food list I could find – Printable Food List –

Say No To

Bread, flour, rice, pasta


Refined foods

Processed foods

What surprised me the most

-the power sugar had over my life.

-if I have a high carb day, or I dabble in sugars or have bread, I pay. My body does NOT like these foods.

-how easy I adapted to baking.

-how many and varied the solutions were for breads, pasta and rice that I thought I would miss. I don’t miss bread.

-how much I can eat and still lose weight.

-how much my body has changed, health wise, in such a short period of time.

-I miss nothing from my former ‘regular’ eating habits.

-how much I love breakfast.

-how much I thought I would miss carbs, but don’t.

How is my husband doing? He suffered severe sugar withdrawal in the beginning (he was sneaking fruit flavored tums to get a ‘hit’). So I started looking for really creative and healthy ways to make dessert so he could survive! I don’t even know if we have a processed or prepackaged anything in the house anymore. It was a very easy and natural progression. It’s become a lifestyle, and not a sacrifice.

Two cook books that I did eventually buy that I do really like…..

Simply Keto

Beyond Simply Keto

But honestly, you can search any recipe you want and find a Keto adaptation. Yes, even chocolate cupcakes.

So, I think we’ll stay this way for awhile. Whole foods is where its at, its easy if you keep it simple. Love your body, and it will love you back.

Questions, comments? Or just let me know how you’re doing!

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