Hair Tales

About our hair.

Hundreds of hair photos, maybe thousands, since 2016. It’s a solid documentation about where I’ve been and what has happened.

I did it in the beginning just for myself to see, and later on for others. Because the changes were stunning and I wanted to know, and later on, I wanted to share.

I am shocked that I get to have this much health at 58. That instead of going backwards, it’s the best its ever been, with every year.

The Damage Repair line has changed something remarkable forever in haircare. It has changed the very fibre and strength of hair. So much so, that I could go back to blonde (after I said NEVER EVER AGAIN), without a single damaged hair. Its thriving and growing in amazing shining ways.

If I can help you see the other side, I’m always here to talk. I am the girl who once spent hundreds in salon products regularly, searching for something that worked. I never did find it there. I understand, I have been there. Here’s to  the best hair of your life, every day.

This is 58. And it is spectacular!

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