Social Dinosaurs

Reporters, communicators, educators, friends, counselors, business owners. Real people. Vanished. I’m missing quite a few important people in my life this week.

The social media outlets that once gave us incredible freedom of self-expression, have become the anti-thesis of everything they once envisioned, the free and unlimited exchange of immediate information. It sure sounded great at the time. Everything they were once so very proud of, as they tried to encourage us to share our lives publicly. And so we did, eventually. I’m watching people I admire for their strength, courage, wisdom, intelligence and honesty be completely wiped out in an instant. By something I no longer support or understand.

Its interesting to watch these platforms become the dinosaurs of our modern age as they push down the ability to speak freely, honestly and without prejudice. I’m preparing for their departure. No one can last, not even these powerful giants under such intrusive and nonsensical censorship, newly termed ‘fact checking’. Actually, recently they don’t call it anything. They just make people disappear. That’s a lot of power.

At a time when we have every convenience ever known to man, in all of universe, at one time, instant access included….we have become terribly inept, ineffective, and more inhumane than ever. How is that possible? With all my heart, I miss the 90s. I would go back in a second.

Self-preservation tells me to prepare for something better. Which I have started to do. I look forward to new ways of sharing information where I am again in control of what I would want to see, hear, read and examine for myself.

They seem to have forgotten the number one rule of social media success. You only have power if someone is listening.

There are other amazing ways of communicating in effective ways. Mail handling programs like Mailchimp. Creating your own website with Wix or WordPress is a great place to start.

Writing has always been a passion. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my heart, travelling, running, paddling boarding, my business, my successes and failures, my sugar free recipes…and my powerful trifecta…..How to have the best ever skincare, haircare and wellness of your life. And every tip known to man to help you get there.  

The only thing I really need now is my Blackberry or my Chocolate slide back that I MISS so much!!! Hello flip phone. I’m not buying what they’re selling anymore.

Delete you apps, move in closer to your loved ones. Close your eyes and imagine yourself back in the 90s. That 20 foot coiled up phone cord doesn’t look so confining now.

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