Value over Fear

My biggest demon…..several times in my life I have chosen security over freedom. Because I was afraid. It has been a valuable lesson, with a steep learning curve. Knowing who you are, will help you make decisions based on value instead of fear.

At 16 I joined the work force. I moved up, got a couple promotions. I worked there nearly 10 years. My children and my freedom to be with them became more important than anything else. As we grew up together (because we did), I valued my time even more. We had the BEST vacations together!!

These past 2 years have been exceptional. These are the years where I learned exceptional things about myself. I will not be governed into poverty. Being independent has never been more critical.  

Working for yourself does have challenges. But it has proven to be more important than ever. For freedom AND security, as it turns out. Who knew.

Swing open the doors to your new business, and start building. Contact me to find out more. Freedom awaits.

Community. Support. Freedom.  Value over Fear.

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