The truth about MLM’s

I need a stay at home job, but no mlm’s

I’m desperate, but no direct sales

It’s a pyramid

They just want your money

They use others

It’s a scam

The truth about mlm’s, direct sales, network marketing, residual income….whatever you want to call it….

My husband is a 20 year, gifted Certified Massage professional. I am a Certified Laser Technician. We are professional people with integrity. Our clients are important people. We value them and endeavor to go above expectations with every interaction.

When our brick and mortar businesses, which we OWNED were pulled out from under us…. our Direct Sales/Online business filled in for us. Immediately and seamlessly.

We registered our online business, and we operate independently, it is ours. Yes, it’s a real actual business that we own together. Our customers rely on us. We are proud to deliver the best to them, in office or virtually. I personally run our online business, while Greg continues to rebuild his Massage practice.  

Typically I spend just as much or more time with my online clients as I did with my in person ones. What do you need, and how do we get you there? That’s my mantra. As if you were sitting in my office.

How would I describe this business model? It’s a 100% supported, business in a box, with a really really small start up cost, and no overhead. I own it, I run it. It dies or thrives based on my reputation to provide exceptional service to my clients. I don’t build on others, I don’t rely on others for my success, I don’t sell you what you don’t need. I help others do what I do, to change their financial situation and live in freedom, if that’s where they want to go. Period.

I don’t mail product, I don’t keep an inventory. There are no minimums or autoships. I don’t answer to anyone but me. I get paid 5x a month, and it shows up dropped onto my personal company Visa card. I either leave it to grow or move it to my personal bank account. Its pretty simple.

Sound like you? Well, I plan on spending another spectacular summer poolside, working and taking care of business. If you would like to work with me, let me know. There is more to life than working to keep the lights on. I sure won’t do it.

I missed 2 trips that I earned in 2020 and 2021. (And no, I did not ‘stand’ on top of someone else to do that. It was all earned by me). These trips are super important to me. Completely paid for, door to door. Flight from my nearest airport, private room, extra cash, all of it…cancelled.

While others in the industry lost their trips as all travel was cancelled, and were left empty handed, all ours were fully compensated, and paid out in cash. Our company was not obligated to do this, there was never a promise of this. They flexed with the necessity and paid us out. The integrity, the compassion, the community, its rare.

All Network Marketing companies are not the same, just as all business owners are not the same. Maybe its time to have another look. And if this business model is not for you, consider supporting a small business instead.

 We are small business owners. We are legitimate. We are important. We support our families providing our customers with the best in the industry, and many times unique to the industry. We provide people with an opportunity to work from home and own their own business, even in the most impossible of situations.

LiveFree friends.

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