The Fearless Marketer

Remember your first experience with Network Marketing….you kept it a secret, because it was too embarrassing and you didn’t want anyone to know. The business where you only asked your close friends and family because you couldn’t bring yourself to talk to anyone else. When you were considered a complete loser and a chicken if you didn’t cold call people out of the phone book? Keeping your business a secret. Kind of counter productive isn’t it?

Those days are over. This is not that MLM. This is your business, that you run your way. The one that you can take enormous pride in. Where you are the boss and no one can take it from you.

A quick story. I had an amazing Spa in my home. I’m a certified Laser Technician and skincare specialist. I loved it. More importantly, it was affordable for me because I was licensed to work out of my own home. It was perfect, my overhead was low which made it completely possible. In February 2020 my husband and I moved to a completely new town and our dream property. Then came March 18th 2020, I was no longer allowed to have a business. It was completely out of my control. It was devastating. I still have not come to a place where I will consider reopening. Not under the current circumstances. I trust ‘Me’ in regards to my business, and only me. No one can take it, no one can close it, no one is my boss to tell me how and when and where I can work.

If that sounds like you, if that sounds like the independence that you are seeking. If this is the business model that you want for you life, then take action. DM me with Small Business Owner. We can set up a time to talk that is convenient for both of us. Your new Independent business is literally a phone call away. Be fearless.

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