Dreaming about Sleeping? – Insomnia

Wish you could sleep again? Your body regenerates during REM sleep. During sleep your body regenerates and restores organs, bones, and tissues, flushes out waste, and that includes your brain. If you’re not getting there, you don’t get recovery.

In 2016, when Menopause hit me super hard, I stopped sleeping. Just like that. I was afraid of the night. I didn’t want my husband to fall asleep and leave me alone. So I would try to keep him talking as long as I could. It did a lot of damage. Sleep deprivation can cause depression, memory loss, decreased immunity, concentration issues, high blood pressure, weight gain……lots of things.

Finding answers that are healthy, that work, and that are not addictive is difficult.

Let’s talk about a sleep elixir that is not habit forming and provides a restorative sleep. With an ingredient list that is envious and sooo sleep worthy.

Filled with goodness in every sleepy drop, with amino acids, Magnesium (so important!), Melatonin, Chamomile and so much more. Ingredients that signal the brain to relax. Without next day drowsiness.

Sleep drops can also address Jet Lag, and help to reset sleep issues when travelling across time zones.

Delicious sugar free drops coming your way. Which means, you can keep this on your night stand and take it the very last thing when you are all tucked in, and not worry about getting up to brush your teeth. It will fit right in to your evening routine.

You know what else? Melatonin dissolvables, which are on my on my night stand…..leave a freaking horrible taste and coating on my tongue. I am sooooo looking forward to drops. And because they are drops, straight to the blood stream. No digestion, no waiting.

Sleep drops have been in the United States for a year and are now finally available in CANADA!!!

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