Industry Disruptors

August has always been the best month to get started with a product pack. Here’s why….

It’s the beginning of qualifying for our annual Vegas reunion. In August when you choose a product pack, you automatically qualify for August and September. This trip is all expenses paid, from wherever you live. The trip takes place in April every year, and it is a blast!

You will automatically receive a Virtual Ticket to our annual Monations event. What does this mean? You get a front row seat to the biggest celebration of the year, with exclusive access to product launches at a hugely discounted rate. All others can register for $70USD. The event is September 8th to 12th.

You will receive a free Rejuvabeads in conjuction with the Monations event. All participants will be mailed this award winning instant split end mender.

You have the opportunity to earn an extra $300 in free products in August.

This can be your instant business in a box, or it can be just for you. It can be private, it can be public, it can be whatever you decide. Having a business is not a requirement of ordering a product pack. There are no expectations, requirements or minimums. This is all for, and about you, your way. Brand new business, or just the best hair and skin of your life. You decide.

Plus, the extra perks of the biggest discount, access to all flash sales, contests, bonuses, trips, friendships, mentoring, and the very best in haircare, skincare and wellness.

We never stop. Sitting still and being satisfied is not our game. We are Innovators. Influencers. We challenge, question and perfect. We are industry disruptors.

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