Queue the List

Pro the Cons of the freedom based business market known as Direct Selling.

Have you thought about it?

I have a handful of people on the fence. I can help with information, but I can’t help with the decision. I can share my experiences, good and bad, but I can’t put the business package in your hands. Only you can. I can tell you all I want about me, about how I fell into this amazing business place with these people that are like my family. And how it has changed me forever. But I can’t decide for you. Only you can.

Queue the Pros and Cons list. Maybe this will help, the old fashioned way.

You know, I have seen people, desperately seeking their place, an extra income, they seek  freedom, they need flexibility, they need residual income. Some just need an extra $100 or $200 a month. And then will make this statement at the end of a long and desperate post, “No Direct Sales”, ‘No Marketing”. Honestly, it makes me nuts. After all this time in Direct Sales, it still makes my brain hurt when I hear this, or the “Pyramid Thing”…thing. The truth is, home based business is one of the fastest growing industries out there. Women-Owned Home-Based Businesses have grown 114 Percent in the past decade.

If you want to know what I know, just ask. I endeavor every day to keep my life simple, free and present. My business my way is the way I get to do that. I love to travel, I love hugging people, I love making a difference. I love gorgeous hair, and poolside trips with my ‘sisters’ in business. I love late night panic orders, and quiet Sundays helping someone find that perfect fit. There’s nothing like what I do, if you do it, you know it too.

Pros and Cons might help…


Freedom Baby – Its all about the freedom for me. I’m not interested in making a living for someone else. I’m making it for me and for my family. I won’t work for someone else and have them boss the life out of me. I live life on my time, my terms.

Passion – I get to share what I love and what I am passionate about. I think we have the absolute best, or I wouldn’t be here. This part is easy for me.

Scheduling – You can work from home, from your car, from the beach. You can work around school, you can work around another job, you can work around dinner, your birthday, or your kids getting sick. You can do this literally anywhere and anyway and anyhow.

Present – You can be present when you need to be. Kids, parents, yoga class, school events. You can check in and check out when you need to.

No One Can Take Your Job Away – No they can’t. No one can close it, take it or fire you.

Personal Development – We work on this everyday, individually and as a group. I have such deep affection for the a business that has given me the opportunity for such huge growth.

Residual Income – The goal, to build it, to love it, to nourish it, and to eventually enjoy the rewards. Making money while you sleep is a beautiful thing.

Overhead – Its literally non existent. Are you an Independent soul? Good, me too. Open your business, no store front, no rent, no insurance, no banking fees, no employees, no inventory, no shipping. There’s more, write your own here.

No Boss – Literally NO Boss

Business in a Box – It comes with a team, a substantial group of amazing men and women, it comes with training, with back up, with support. Your business literally arrives and you open it and you begin. Most actually begin before that magic box even arrives.

Buyers Remorse? – I’ve heard of this, but no one that I have mentored has ever returned their business. But If you need to know this to feel comfortable, and yes I do understand….your business kit is 100% returnable in the first 30 days. All. Of.  It.

Its Affordable – Super doable. Business kits start at $199US

No Auto Ships – We don’t need to shove product down anyone’s throat, all of our customers are willing, that includes our business owners. You buy what you need, when and how you want to. Actually our return rate is less than 1%. The return people are the only lonely people in our company.


Judgement of others – Why oh why is this first, I don’t know, but it is. We care excessively about what others think. This is personal and will be up to you of course. Please know in time, you will stop giving a flying f— what people think. That comes with growth and personal development. I am no longer here. Nothing personal, I just don’t carry this anymore.

It takes Time – How much time, that is totally up to you. Ask yourself, what are you spending your time on right now? What if a couple of hours a day spent in business mode changes everthing? How much time do you have to put towards your business, freedom and business goals?

Open UP! – Yes, you need to show up EVERY day for your business to flourish. Imagine having a store front and opening one day a week. How long would you be in business? You will need to show up every day for you, and for your clients.

Rejection – I guess this is a thing, but its another of those personal growth things. I don’t view a no as rejection.

I’ve given you a great start. I’m sure you will think of more things, for either list. But maybe, it will open the door a crack to a world of freedom you’ve never explored. Need advice, have questions, or just want to chat about choosing a new beach chair for your office? I’m always here.

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