Skin Deep

How do you get from there to here?

That’s a good question. For most people that will be time and products that work. The products that won’t age on your shelf, if you know what I mean. We’ve all done it. And it feels bad, every single time. This is different. I’m sorry if you’ve heard that before, I know I have. It’s just different.

The feedback from 2 of my clients when we were visiting yesterday, both had been using the same high end skin care products (they are friends, we are influenced most by those we trust). Both switched and dropped their exclusive brands. Because mine offers more. And I agree, and I know it does. I can see it in their faces.

A note about these photos. I have been battling autoimmune disease nearly all my life. In the spring of 2016 I was blessed with a 3rd. Yes blessed. There is a meaningful purpose to what I do, and what I share and what I know. In 2016 I thought I might die, its no exaggeration. I sat up at 3am one morning, in excruciating pain thinking, I might not survive this. It sent me on a mission of health and wellness and recovery. A strong immune system is paramount for my health and well being. Which is why our Wellness products are so important to me, especially our new Immune Support.

February 2016 was impactful and it changed the course of my life. In October of 2016 I started with Monat. It was handed to me for a reason. I needed it, for quite a few reasons. I knew there was something different here. I knew immediately it would change everything for me and that I should pay attention. And now I impact others.

I recovered, I worked really hard at changing my direction and focusing on prevention and addressing the cause, and boosting my immune system. That recovery included my hair and my skin. I don’t believe that would have happened had it not been for Monat.

This is definitely more than a skin deep conversation. If you are feeling like you are ready for something different, I look forward to having that conversation. We are the Trifecta of something remarkable. Skin care, Hair care and Wellness. And so much more.

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