Be Brave

You know what’s hot? Self-confidence. I didn’t have it my whole life, I really wish I had. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and agony, and time….a lot of valuable time. But it did come to me eventually, after much work.

I don’t really know exactly when it happened. When I became less afraid, stronger, less manipulate(able) and more confident. But  I’m absolutely positive it came from my relationships, we know we are a product of the people we see and communicate with the most. These women are my sisters, my sounding board, my life raft. We are scattered, we don’t all live in the same cities, we don’t even live in the same countries. But we are tight. We have a running commentary, and we talk every single day. Someone is always there to listen, to answer a question, to wipe tears. At any and every hour of the day.

We came together through business. We didn’t really have any idea how important this really was. It is truly an unexpected reward of being in the right place at the right time. It is a remarkable time. And they and this company will be a big part of the reason that I survive it.

The unexpected reward of an unexpected association with an amazing group of women who all decided to gather in the same place. Remarkable, isnt it.

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