Sustainable Me

Are you open?

Are you willing?

Are you adventurous, trusting, try anything once?

What happens when you stop? Maybe lose your sense of adventure, your willingness to try anything once?

Does that make you wiser, or do you just plain start missing out?

I have a strategy for this.

  1. Say yes to everything! At least be willing to ‘look’. Because once you lose that, you have the potential to miss out on amazing things.
  2. Disregard and leave behind what doesn’t work, serve you or enhance your life. How will you know? You will have to try it first!
  3. If you decide, to give “It” a shot, don’t be half assed about it! Do the program, the time, the product, the THING with gusto!

What does this have to do with sustainability?

In February I did a 28 day program. It was a huge time investment, and a financial investment (its not cheap to eat healthy!) It was also an emotional investment. I really really wanted it to work. I was desperate to repair my Metabolism. I had to take a leap and trust. And I did.

45 days after the end of my 28 days. I have changed. I’m not desperate any longer. I did exactly what Haylie said in her program and I repaired my sagging Metabolism. But there were even bigger changes.

Look, nobody’s perfect, and I don’t diet and I won’t deny myself, that’s not living. I drink wine, eat cupcakes and eat bad things I regret later. The difference is, I have new tools. I have changed some important and basic things that are huge and that will stay with me forever. Most importantly, I have repaired my metabolism long term to support me and to work for me. What I learned to do differently:

I always eat first thing in the morning.

I never work out or run on an empty stomach.

I eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks.

I endeavor to eat with Haylie’s 3 phases in mind.

I love to cook again.

The results after 28 days were stunning, it made all the investment so worth while. What happened after that was even better. It is Sustainable!!!! That you won’t find out unless you to stick with the program, new product, life style, work out…..whatever.

Sustainable is amazing.

Say yes to everything, or at least open the book, the box, the bottle. You might be surprised about what’s inside. And maybe you’re just plain missing out ❤

Published by camillemac22

This is me, at this moment. Entrepreneur, writer, Direct Sales Business Owner, Certified Laser Technician, Certified Interior Decorator, Wife, Runner, Paddle boarder, Traveler, Proaging Specialist. And my proudest accomplishment, Mom of 3 spectacular humans. There are probably more things to add! It’s amazing how amazing we are when we stop to think about it for a minute! I am Enough, and so are You. Say it often, repeat it daily. I love to inspire business minded women to take charge of their lives and create the life they envisioned. And why not. It's yours for the taking, anytime you are ready. After more than 10 years and 8 companies, I found my home. Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, whatever you want to call it….has changed enormously in 10 years. I know a few things after this long in business…..Adapt or die. Marketing is my home. Direct Sales is not about sales, its about everything else. The personal growth is extreme and satisfying. And if you’re not experiencing that, then I encourage you to find out why. Women drive the world economy. It is true. Are you taking your slice?

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