I’m on a mission. 28 days of a Metabolic bonfire, and I’m halfway through.

In a nutshell, the plan is: 2 days high carbs, grains and fruits, 2 days high protein and vegetables, 3 days moderate carbs and protein, high healthy fats. There are specific foods for each phase, and a variety of recipes. All delicious. Then repeat….for a total of 4 weeks. Sooth your organs, release toxins, feed the fire. Get your burn back.

I’m a 40 year Crohns and Colitis survivor, food has been my enemy my whole life. Vegetables? Ummm No… they always caused the worst grief. Eventually, you just give in and only eat what doesn’t hurt you. That left me with a lifelong fear of food. Food was the enemy.

Here I am, after two weeks, eating EVERY single thing that is my worst nightmare. Together. Repeatedly. Unthinkable amounts of food, and losing weight and feeling fantastic. And then doing it again and again. The recipes are so ridiculously delicious, that although Greg isn’t doing the entire plan with me, we do have all of our dinners together and they are recipes from this book.

Food is medicine, we’ve always known that. We just forgot? My attitude about food, being mindful about ingredients, has really changed. That includes ingredients in cleaning supplies, personal products, things that are absorbed into our body, it matters!

We weren’t built to process all these toxins in our food supply, our environment, our water, our products, and other foreign substances shoved at us. Does anyone else notice the extremely high numbers of autoimmune disease?! It’s a human body screaming, “I don’t know what to do with that!”

Guess what happens when your body gets too much of what it can’t handle (processed food, chemicals, toxins and additives)… and doesn’t know what to do with it? It protects you from the toxin by storing it until it can be safely processed, later (or never?). Do you know what that storage is called? It’s called a fat cell. And it won’t let it go no matter how hard you try until the problem is fixed. Our bodies just keep making ‘storage’ cells until the storm passes. Sometimes it never does.

In 2 weeks I’ve literally changed my relationship with food.  Two more weeks to go. And yes I will finish all 4 weeks because that’s how it works, you have to do 28 days. After that I will likely do a week at the start of every season to keep everything humming along.

I don’t have a massive amount of weight to lose. And that isn’t my motivation. I want a healthy body that burns food for fuel, like its supposed to! My metabolism was damaged and wasn’t working anymore. I want this menopausal belly off me, it isn’t mine and I don’t want it! And Oh! How I have tried, for 4 years!

I am in awe of Haylie, and what she knows and what she has developed. Its amazing quite honestly. It works. It works fast. It works for everyone. I think that’s the staggering thing. Doesn’t matter if you have a lot of weight to lose, (you just do more weeks), or a little bit, its simple. No sacrifice, no starving.

Now I really do get to say….” I just have a fast metabolism”.

Two more weeks to go, I’ll let you know how it goes. So Far…. Down 8 lbs and 5 inches overall.

The Fast Metabolism Diet ~ Haylie Pomroy

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