The Genie is Out of the Bottle 🧞‍♂️

Where do I start? Just 28 days.

I have been trying to get a handle on this for at least 4 years, maybe longer. Its always a fight. This past year, well its been a killer. Frustrated, sick of thinking about everything I eat. Beating myself daily with crazy amounts of exercise. And the changes = Zero. Nothing. My weight would not budge.

My lightest weight all year was my wedding day In September, it must have been all the endorphins and adrenalin! It was such an amazing day!! I haven’t seen that weight since. I work out hard, nearly everyday. I mix it up. We eat healthy. And it keeps moving up.

A couple of weeks ago I set a new high on the scale and I was done. Time to change something, this isn’t working. I felt sluggish, tired, heavy and unhealthy, and uncomfortable. Where did my flat stomach go! Don’t get me wrong, I know about the, ”its about the inches, never mind the weight, its all muscle” thing. I can assure you, this is not muscle happening.

Some of the biggest enemies (the ones that create fat cells):  processed food, fear (yes fear creates fat cells), constant dieting (starving yourself repeatedly), packaged diet foods, limiting your carbs, among others. “When you are over loaded with chemicals, pesticides and pollutants, your body makes a new fat cell to store these toxins, so that you don’t become poisoned or sick.” “Real food is something that was once alive and came from the land, sea or sky”. ~ Haylie Pomroy

Big take aways. Yes I know breakfast is important. But I always work out first, or I mean used to… Do you know what happens when you work out on an empty stomach? Completely wasting your time, and your muscle. You will never get to burn a single fat cell.

I came to this place where I can’t do this yoyo thing anymore. I want to live and enjoy my life and eat whatever I want. I want more cupcakes in my life!!! Take 4 weeks out of my life for a reset, yah I can totally do that.

My one week Review of my 28 day plan:  I started my own Metabolic bonfire, with food, massive amounts of the RIGHT food. After week one…down 6  lbs, and 3” lost.  Of fat and toxins that don’t belong to me, that don’t serve me, that were trapped. The most amazing medicine ever is food. Real food.

What happens after 28 days, when I become this Metabolic super power? I live my life, with some minor adjustments. Yes wine and cupcakes will be welcomed back into my life.  But my metabolism will be changed forever. Once or twice a year, maybe even at the change of every season, I will do a week of this ‘diet’ (its an unfortunate name, there’s no diet. It’s so much food!). Honestly, if I tried to explain the crazy amount of delicious food that you HAVE to eat in a day, you would never believe me.

I think right now I’m just so excited knowing that I have the secret to never worrying about this again. We have been doing it so wrong for so long, I don’t even know if anyone will even believe it is this easy. Even exercise is limited. Only 2 days of cardio a week, and I must get massages for a couple of others!

I’ve done in a single week what I have been trying to do for 4 years. I will finish the complete 28 days, it takes that long to properly reset and undo the damage, to cover every biochemical scenario.

Thanks to my sister for sharing Haylie with me a couple of years ago. I didn’t get it then. I get it now. I did the program ‘The Burn’ a couple of times (shorter 3, 5 and 7 days plans). And I loved it. But this is the sustaining measure that I needed to take for a lifetime of health. I feeeel fantastic!!! Haylie calls week one the dangerous ‘cocky’ week. I can see why! I am on fire 🔥

Fast Facts:

Your worst enemy ever = Corn

Calories is a completely useless measurement

69% of Americans are either obese or overweight

The Book: The Fast Metabolism Diet.
Day 6

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