What’s On My Desk

Yesterday I made the MOST superb Blueberry Cheesecake! I asked my MoSIsters for dessert ideas, and wow…..it was soooo good! Thank you Alisha ❤

So this is not about the Cheesecake I ate last night, or the 3 glasses of wine that went with it. Ok, maybe it is a little. Ok a lot!

It’s time to catch up. To detox. To regroup. I am always moving, and doing something physical every single day. Spin or a run is part of every day. But that isn’t always enough. I know my body needs a break. It’s time to do a cellular detox. I’ve done quick 3 and 5 day programs, but this time I’m hitting the 28 day program.

I’m not talking about torturing myself by going without food, and being a starving raving bitch . A cleanse won’t give me what I am seeking. And that’s really not helpful for someone with Crohn’s. I have never felt like fads were helpful, although after each baby was born ( a very long time ago it seems!), I always did some kind of crazy weight loss crash thing. It never served me very well. But when you’re desperate, well that’s what we did!

Using food, the right food to flush and boost, that’s what I need. The book The Burn is a favorite of mine and I have enjoyed Haylie’s programs more than once. But this time my post 2020 stressed out body needs a little more and a little longer.

This is not a starvation plan. Using healthy food and recipes to let your body and organs know that its okay to release what you are holding onto. Weight loss is always a by product, but so is renewed energy, glowing skin, and a healthy mind.

Given that my copy of The Burn is still buried in a sea can waiting to be unpacked, (shortly I hope), I’m going to take this as an opportunity to do Haylie’s 28 day plan. Besides the obvious benefits, the way she writes and explains why this works and how, is sooo interesting.

Anyways I’m sharing because I do love her science, and her practical and healthy way of addressing weight. It becomes so much more than a number when you understand why.

If you want to get the book and join me for 28 days, cool. I will be starting next week. Either way, I will keep updating once I’ve started.

Detoxing is not a new concept, it’s a word that is thrown around quite a bit. Sometimes its a term used in regards to hair products and unhealthy skin too. Removing buildup from your hair is ‘detox’ in a sense. So is addressing toxins, grime, oils (sebum, scalp and skin) on your skin. I try not to use the word detox, but sluggish skin can definitely benefit from these kinds of ‘cellular purging’ as well. Good hair care and skin care certainly never hurt either 😉

To the book! Here’s a link to check it out, The Fast Metabolism Diet, by Haylie Pomroy. Wishing you all a healthy 2021, and that you have much love, hugs and adventure in your life! And of course Cheesecake, because I will definitely be doing that again!

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This is me, at this moment. Entrepreneur, writer, Direct Sales Business Owner, Certified Laser Technician, Certified Interior Decorator, Wife, Runner, Paddle boarder, Traveler, Proaging Specialist. And my proudest accomplishment, Mom of 3 spectacular humans. There are probably more things to add! It’s amazing how amazing we are when we stop to think about it for a minute! I am Enough, and so are You. Say it often, repeat it daily. I love to inspire business minded women to take charge of their lives and create the life they envisioned. And why not. It's yours for the taking, anytime you are ready. After more than 10 years and 8 companies, I found my home. Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, whatever you want to call it….has changed enormously in 10 years. I know a few things after this long in business…..Adapt or die. Marketing is my home. Direct Sales is not about sales, its about everything else. The personal growth is extreme and satisfying. And if you’re not experiencing that, then I encourage you to find out why. Women drive the world economy. It is true. Are you taking your slice?

2 thoughts on “What’s On My Desk

  1. Interesting take on things. Taking a break from the constant grind is one of the key elements towards a happy and successful life, at least from what I’ve learned. It’s hard though to listen to yourself when you’re working hard towards a goal or a dream and your body/mind is telling you to take a break. Being both present and understanding what you truly need is a very useful trait to have.

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