The Essence Secret

We were chatting last evening. I was facilitating skin care training. It’s so personal, choosing a skin care! Anyways, the question was asked….”What is your favorite product, what can you NOT live without?”

There was no hesitation. As a Certified Laser Technician, the single most asked question, the single most important skincare quest….is Absorption. If you can’t get your serums, your Hyaluronic Acid your moisturizers to get where they need to go, you do nothing. Prepping the skin to effectively absorb subsequent products is huge in terms of results and the efficacy of your skincare. Otherwise, you’re just wasting it.

An Essence is used to support the benefits of all the other products in your routine. The main goal of an Essence is to hydrate the skin and to provide a pathway for all the other products in your skincare routine. In order for ingredients to flow through the layers of your skin, you need your skin to be primed, like loosening garden soil before watering.

Essences are not to be confused with Toners, because well, they’re not. The only similarity they have is their consistency. You apply an Essence with your hands, pressing into the skin. You apply a Toner with a cotton pad. Toners balance the skin’s PH, remove additional residue, refresh the skin. An Essence sooths, enhances your products, and prepares the skin to receive.

Essences are a necessity in both your a.m. and p.m. skincare routines. And if you ever forget the order of your skincare products, just remember….always apply lightest to heaviest.

Application literally takes seconds. Place a few drops into your palm, press hands together, press into your face, neck and décolleté.

Honestly in terms of what this will do for you in your skincare routine, it is more important than your serum or your moisturizer. If you’re curious, you only need to do a small test. Place a couple of drops on the back of one hand, blend lightly. Compare your hands. You will immediately see a change. Guaranteed.

So the answer to the question…. That’s too easy, I cannot live without Revitalizing Essence.

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