Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

The goal is a healthy scalp. It’s the foundation of the entire thing 💁🏻‍♀️

The fine art of knowing. Once you know something, you cannot unknow it. This has been my exclusive care for over 4 years. It is so exceptional, that yes I do remember life without it and I cannot go back. I cannot unknow. 

 When we release something new, I’m still in awe, every single time. Of the science of it, the thoughtful ingredients, of the immense thoughtful process of creating it. Once again, we nailed it. 

Important facts about your scalp

👉the skin on you head is a as delicate as the skin on your face.

👉the most common scalp Issues occur as a result of either under or over production of sebum

👉sebum is an oily waxy substance. It coats, moisturizers and protects your skin. It’s the main ingredient in your body’s natural oils. 

👉using a purifying scrub, followed by a purifying apple coder vinegar shampoo can help to manage sebum, remove build up and impurities. 
👉 beak down and dissolve stubborn dead skin cells, reduce excess oils.

👉maximize shine and improve bounce. 
👉formulated with super fruit AHAs, apple cider vinegar and vitamin B6.

Step 1 – Purifying Scrub – Emulsify in your hands and apply to wet hair, rinse. 

Step 2 – Purifying Vinegar Shampoo – Emulsify in your hands, apply to wet hair, rinse. 

tep 3- Follow with your favourite Monat conditioner.

Healthy scalp, healthy hair. 

2 responses to “Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair”

  1. You are so right on with ” the immense, thoughtful process of creating it”
    I am so impressed with these ideas, with the ACV component.
    I have never struggled with oily scalp, hair but I am very anxious to hear how people respond to the product and will be sharing this information.

    • Yes, and thank you for commenting! Scalp issues are in the area of 1 in 5 people. So a huge number of people could potentially benefit from a healthy scalp exfoliation and removal of Sebum. And the management of excessive scalp oils.

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