Words have power. Whether you use them for or against yourself, they have power.

I will ….

I have ….

I am ….

Our hearts, minds and bodies were designed for excellence. You are the designer of your life. Not anything or anyone else.

2020 was my rebuilding year. It’s the year I figured out who I am…..what I will and will not put up with. What I am capable of. How low I can get, (it was really really low). How strong I am to come back. Am very very strong.

I used my critical thinking skills to examine my place, my goals, my life and my purpose.  I discovered that I am not a follower. I learned that questioning everything is not only wise, it is necessary. Sometimes even critical.

Small but mighty.  Quiet but powerful.

Wishing you only the very Best in 2021!


Published by camillemac22

This is me, at this moment. Entrepreneur, writer, Direct Sales Business Owner, Certified Laser Technician, Certified Interior Decorator, Wife, Runner, Paddle boarder, Traveler, Proaging Specialist. And my proudest accomplishment, Mom of 3 spectacular humans. There are probably more things to add! It’s amazing how amazing we are when we stop to think about it for a minute! I am Enough, and so are You. Say it often, repeat it daily. I love to inspire business minded women to take charge of their lives and create the life they envisioned. And why not. It's yours for the taking, anytime you are ready. After more than 10 years and 8 companies, I found my home. Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, whatever you want to call it….has changed enormously in 10 years. I know a few things after this long in business…..Adapt or die. Marketing is my home. Direct Sales is not about sales, its about everything else. The personal growth is extreme and satisfying. And if you’re not experiencing that, then I encourage you to find out why. Women drive the world economy. It is true. Are you taking your slice?

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