There to Here

What do I see? What does it mean? How do you get here from there?

I had beautiful skin until my 40s. Then it was one break out after another. In my 50s it was a whole new level of despair.

The trauma of watching your skin do Inexplicable things that you cannot stop or control 🤦‍♀️😭

I found out something. Skin changes with aging. I started paying attention and sticking to what made a difference. The quality products with the good ingredients. And consistency.

I see changes. Good changes. My skin is no longer reactive. That’s simply amazing all by itself! So is the tone, the texture, my neck, around my mouth. And….I have eyebrows again! That’s another amazing thing – lash and brow serum.

I haven’t had a break out or a skin melt down since I began my new skin regime. True story ❤

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