So soon you will see a theme here. Our biggest product launches are usually on my Birthday! September 12th 2020, we launch our Wellness products. In Canada we were able to have access to these products during our prelaunch event and we are imminently expecting these to come to Market. In the USA, they are already flying out the door!

While it is early, I can give you some of my personal assessments.

Love love that these are Vegan. The Collagen Key is a Vegan collagen booster, and this is something that is much appreciated! I am not interested, nor can I tolerate bovine or marine collagen. The Energy drink with its naturally based ingredients and sugar free formula, gives an all day boost without any jitters. Adding a couple of Adaptogens for stress and endurance certainly didn’t hurt either!

A pre/pro biotic, yes suspended in one capsule. Apart, but together. Cutting edge Science, that’s what we are known for.

There’s more, a sleep aid and Greens. More about each of these in the coming weeks.

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