Skin Care

September 12, 2019 In Ohio. It’s my birthday. The air is electric while we wait for the launch of new products. Everyone is guessing, we are pissing ourselves with excitement. I KNEW it was skincare, I just knew. We don’t do anything unless its exceptional, we just don’t. This is exceptional skincare, at an exceptional price point.

Since this initial launch we have added several new skincare products. The latest 2….a zinc based sunscreen with Hyaluronic Acid. No white hazing! And just last month our brand new Vegan Retinol, Bakuchiol. Game changer. After only a year, we are already #12 in skincare in North America, and climbing. Results Matter.

Over the coming weeks I will discuss each product in depth. You will want everything. Quite quite sure.

Stay tuned, I will be giving away a  Gua Sha stone with your skincare, coming January 2021. Also coming, a quick video on how to use it properly. There are soooo many things you can do at home for yourself to maintain your beautiful skin!

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