Hair Care

Hair care. My story. In 2016 everything in my life exploded. Next week I will share more about the explosion and what I did differently that mended my life and put my personal health back together. For now, let’s say part of the events of that Spring resulted in some serious hair loss.

Events in the Fall of 2016 led to an almost miraculous solution. Naturally based hair care with ingredients meant to provide life long hair health. It is quite really that simple. Ever met anyone with a major hair product addiction? That was me. None of it changed anything, and I spent massive amounts trying. You can’t fake it, when it works, it shows you. Because you have hair health when it does.

It isn’t complicated. Ingredients do matter. The right stuff will make a difference. Period. We have this saying….”All She did was change her shampoo.” And it is true.

We are now the #1 hair care company in North America. Having sold more than ANY OTHER BRAND of hair care.

Business for the ages, or just great hair. Or both.

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